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    Mga Awit Ng Pag-Ibig

    Bing Rodrigo - Mga Awit Ng Pag-Ibig


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    All Music Guide Review

    In 1993, Philippine independent label Dypro Records released Mga Awit Ng Pag-Ibig (The Songs of Love), a compilation of songs recorded by Bing Rodrigo for the label. While the album is dominated by easy listening love songs, there is more variety than usually found on albums of this type. Four of the songs are medium-paced or faster, showing some welcome spirit. Two songs contain both slow and medium-paced passages. Of course, there are the usual weepy love songs, but Bing Rodrigo doesn't get stuck in one tempo. The songwriting is mostly better than average, which also makes the album palatable. The opening, "Gintong Ala-Ala" (Golden Memories), is a slow, easy listening love song featuring a tender melody. "Hiwaga Ng Pag-Ibig" (Miracle of Love) is another slow, tender love song, and is sung in a minor key. As with most Philippine albums containing easy listening love songs, some songs tend to sound alike. Rodrigo sings in an understated voice that doesn't overwhelm. His voice is neither strong nor weak, and he gives the impression of ceaselessly straining to make his voice sound stronger than it is. Yet, his voice is pleasant and suited to this type of material. The album displays diversity, sparked by several interesting arrangements. "Magbalik Ka" (Come Back), for example, contains a steel guitar part that sounds Hawaiian-inspired (it should be noted that the steel guitar originated in Hawaii). The song itself is a spirited ditty. "Minamahal Kita" (I'm in Love With You) features jazzy horn punctuations and pulsating wah-wah guitar. ~ David Gonzales, Rovi

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