Ingrid Michaelson

Lights Out

Ingrid Michaelson - Lights Out


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Credits of Lights Out

  • Chris Kuffner
  • Synthesizer, Bass (Electric), Omnichord, Clapping, Slide Guitar, Engineer, Producer, Vocals (Background), Programming, Harmonium, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Tenor), Stomping, Synthesizer Bass, E-Bow, Arranger, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Bass
  • Dan Romer
  • Bass, Engineer, String Arrangements, Mixing, Producer
  • Saul Simon MacWilliams
  • Organ, Piano, Trumpet, Synthesizer, Vocals (Background), Editing, Stomping, Wurlitzer, Clapping
  • Jeremy Bose
  • Keyboards, Programming, Engineer, Producer
  • Brian Lee
  • Bass, Whistle, Vocals (Background), Composer
  • Cason Cooley
  • Synthesizer, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Percussion, Programming, Producer, Vocals (Background)
  • Mat Kearney
  • Synthesizer, Vocals, Additional Production, Programming, Guitar (Acoustic)
  • Katie Herzig
  • Synthesizer, Vocals (Background), Celeste, Producer
  • Ingrid Michaelson
  • Piano, Composer, Vocals, Clapping, Stomping, Additional Production, Omnichord, Vocals (Background)
  • Mick Lynch
  • Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Composer
  • Adam Pallin
  • Composer, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Drum Programming, Additional Production
  • Bess Rogers
  • Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background), Assistant Engineer, Stomping, Clapping
  • Gabe Scott
  • Guitar (Acoustic), Lap Steel Guitar, Dulcimer (Hammer)

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