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Tim Moore is a pop maestro, and the ten songs on Tim Moore, mostly copyrighted 1972 and 1973, have an exquisite understanding of pop structure and melody. The mystery here is how "Love Enough" escaped Rita Coolidge, Barry Manilow, Helen Reddy, or anyone seeking a hit during the '70s explosion of pop songs on the radio. It would have been perfect for Kenny Rogers, come to think of it. Russ Kunkel is on drums on that tune, as well as "A Fool Like You," arranger Tom Sellers providing the bass accompaniment on those two tracks. "Aviation Man" is a real departure with some Cajun blues thrown into the garage rock mix -- it is the artist stretching out and moving away from the serious pop of "Second Avenue" and "Charmer." Released on A Small Record Company, distributed by Gulf & Western's publishing division, Famous Music Company, the album was picked up by Asylum records the same year, and finally released on CD in 2002 via the people at Edsel. "When You Close Your Eyes" has that bouncy pop that Three Dog Night could've done a great job with -- this album is brimming with hooks and melodies, a smorgasbord of sound. The understated production by Nick Jameson, who also plays drums on "Aviation Man," is just perfect for the performer. "I'll Be Your Time" brings thoughts of Randy Edelman, David Pomeranz, and other '70s songwriters to mind, that stark vocal against a sparse piano/guitar/drum/bass backing which doesn't get in the way. Moore's voice really plucks at the heart strings, a naïve Dan Fogelberg who should have had multiple tunes on hit radio. Tom Sellers' string arrangements are also underplayed, which is a good thing. Sellers takes control from the very first track, "A Fool Like You," the words, vocals, and musicianship all very direct. As with the songs of Buzzy Linhart, there's an immediate charm to this material. Fans of Harriet Schock's classic debut Hollywood Town would find this collection very, very appealing; it could be the East Coast male counterpart to Hollywood Town. ~ Joe Viglione, Rovi

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  • Tim Moore
  • Bass, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Keyboards, Guitar

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