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Freddie Colloca shook up the Christian Latin pop scene with his debut album, Dance el Ritmo, and returned a year later with Unconditional, a unsuprisingly similar effort, hoping to retain his lofty stature. Again, he showcases his unconditional love for the Almighty like a good Christian should yet also manages to inspire plenty of joyous fun like a good pop star should. It also doesn't hurt, of course, that Colloca is blessed with undeniable beauty and that the sultry Latin stereotypes certainly hold true for this golden-skinned Latino. You can't help feeling a bit letdown that Colloca doesn't try to break new ground with Unconditional, but retaining a winning formula is part of what being a pop star is all about. And this album certainly shouldn't alter his pop-star status a bit, though Unconditional isn't quite as startling as his debut. After all, in most cases the first time is generally the best, especially when it comes to young and beautiful pop stars. ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi

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