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    Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus


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    Credits of Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus

    • Sue Mingus
    • Liner Notes, Associate Producer, Photography
    • Bobby Previte
    • Arranger, Castanets, Conductor, Kazoo, Performer, Spoons
    • Francis Thumm
    • Percussion, Liner Notes, Chromelodeon, Harmonic Canon, Cloud Chamber Bowls, Humming, ?, Harmonium, Marimba, Vocals (Background)
    • Hal Willner
    • Percussion, Sound Effects, Engineer, Liner Notes, Sampling, Producer
    • Gary Lucas
    • Guitar, Slide Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel)
    • Don Alias
    • Dumbek, Cymbals, Conga, Percussion, Marimba, Bata, Cowbell, Hand Drums, Clapping, Timbales
    • Art Baron
    • Flute, Percussion, Recorder, Didjeridu, Bass Programming, Cloud Chamber Bowls, Harmonic Canon, Muted Trombone, Recorder (Bass), Flute (Wood), Arranger, Tuba, Trombone
    • Michael Blair
    • Percussion, Cloud Chamber Bowls, Conga, Drums, Gong, Chinese Drums, Marimba, Arranger
    • Greg Cohen
    • Bass, Guitar, Arranger, ?, Cloud Chamber Bowls, Gong, Percussion
    • Bill Frisell
    • Guitar, Effects, Arranger, Guitar (Electric), Performer, Percussion
    • Dr. John
    • Vocals, Spoken Word, Voices, Performer
    • Robert Quine
    • Guitar, Sampled Keyboards, Keyboards, Sampling
    • Don Byron
    • Clarinet, Performer, Clarinet (Bass), Marimba

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