Frank Zappa

Them or Us

Frank Zappa - Them or Us


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Them or Us Track Listing

Credits of Them or Us

  • Ray White
  • Guitar, Vocals (Background), Harmony, Vocal Harmony, Choir, Chorus, Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm)
  • Ike Willis
  • Vocals, Vocals (Background), Choir, Chorus, Vocal Harmony, Harmony
  • Roy Estrada
  • Bass, Vocals (Background), Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Harmony
  • Frank Zappa
  • Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm), Arranger, Producer, Assistant, Vocals, Keyboards
  • Steve Vai
  • Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm), Soloist, Fills, Rhythm
  • Bobby Martin
  • Harmonica, Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals, Falssetist, Vocal Harmony

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