I Am the Cute One

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - I Am the Cute One


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Credits of I Am the Cute One

  • Ira Siegel
  • Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Multi Instruments
  • Elliot Zaslansky
  • Synthesizer, Drum Machine, Drum Programming, Programming, Drums, Synthesizer Programming
  • Peter Byrne
  • Arranger, Keyboards, Programming, Drum Programming, Mixing, Producer, Drums
  • Pete Byrne
  • Arranger, Drum Programming, Mixing, Keyboards, Producer
  • Jason Stein
  • Production Assistant, Assistant Producer, Assistant
  • Eric Weissberg
  • Banjo, Juice Harp, ?, Fiddle, Multi Instruments, Pedal Steel
  • Jon Cobert
  • Organ, Accordion, Multi Instruments, Piano
  • Richard Crooks
  • Percussion, Drums, Timbales, Cymbals, Triangle, Multi Instruments
  • John Forster
  • Synthesizer, Arranger, Composer, Programming, Vocals, Lyricist, Producer, Drum Machine, Drum Programming, Mixing, Synthesizer Programming

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