Hardest Fight

Love Is Red - Hardest Fight

2004 | Stillborn 

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All Music Guide Review

Just when you thought the gaping hole in the wall of hardcore couldn't get any wider, Love Is Red comes along with a punk rock spackle bucket known as Hardest Fight to make everything right with the disenfranchised youth of the world. Evoking icons of yore like Sick of It All, Stretch Arm Strong and Gorilla Biscuits, with bits of Cave In and most notably Reach the Sky, the band packs a wallop as it augments weighty topics like religion and alcoholism with explosive drumming, a six-string crunch and plenty of raw emotion. Mosh pit-worthy tracks abound, with plenty of speed and a lot of heart. Be it the melodic, commanding "Said and Done," the declarative, powerful set-opener "My Life" or the blink-and-you'll-miss-it-urgency of "Everything You Love," Love Is Red are that rare, authentic hardcore outfit -- thumping and thunderous; they play it like they mean it. ~ John D. Luerssen, Rovi

Hardest Fight Track Listing

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  • Title
  • time
  • 1
  • My Life
  • 1:25
  • Sound Clip for My Life from Hardest Fight

  • 2
  • Close My Eyes
  • 3:27
  • Sound Clip for Close My Eyes from Hardest Fight

  • 3
  • Said and Done
  • 3:38
  • Sound Clip for Said and Done from Hardest Fight

  • 6
  • Take a Bow
  • 3:49
  • Sound Clip for Take a Bow from Hardest Fight

  • 7
  • Sleepwalk
  • 3:18
  • Sound Clip for Sleepwalk from Hardest Fight

  • 8
  • Say Goodbye
  • 3:11
  • Sound Clip for Say Goodbye from Hardest Fight

  • 9
  • Six Months
  • 4:57
  • Sound Clip for Six Months from Hardest Fight

  • Credits of Hardest Fight

    • Jeff
    • Guitar (Bass)

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