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    Chuck Prophet

    The Age of Miracles

    Chuck Prophet - The Age of Miracles

    2004 | New West Records 

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    The Age of Miracles Review

    3 stars out of 5

    It's always a minor miracle when an artist you figured had reached his top speed cranks it up to another level. So often when listening to any singer/songwriter with 7 solo albums behind him, like Chuck Prophet, you know the best is not yet to come. It's probably somewhere in the distance of your rearview mirror. Happily, this is the reverse with Prophet. He's on a road to bigger and better sounds with each release, and Age of Miracles may be his best yet.

    Prophet blends styles with an effortless ease, pulling from a big grab bag of country, R&B, hip-hop, and blues and evoking Leonard Cohen as if produced by Beck. Not everything always works well together, but stellar standout tracks like "Just to See You Smile," "Pin a Rose on Me" and the title track are better than the sum of their parts. And Age of Miracles really shines when Chuck's strong timbre is tempered by female backing vocals.

    Overall, this is a solid release from a seasoned veteran who's aging well. Prophet has an uncanny knack for adding just enough of that new car smell. Hitch a ride with this prophet down his new road. The trip's just getting interesting. - Jeff Kamin

    All Music Guide Review

    For his seventh album, Chuck Prophet updates the all-over-the-map quality that made Green on Red's early albums so bracing. Age of Miracles is rooted in the same country and folk influences as Prophet's other solo albums, but Prophet and co-producer Eric Drew Feldman add a quasi-psychedelic haze and some distinct blues riffs to the mix. The title track, for example, combines a Neil Young-style country-rock tune with a prominent string section playing a woozy high-register part, a funky wah-wah guitar riff that appears to be playing at half speed for full lysergic atmosphere, and a vocal part from Prophet's wife and musical partner, Stephanie Finch (the Emmylou Harris to his Gram Parsons), that's so high it's almost audible only to dogs. Similarly, the opening "Automatic Blues" has a swampy, creepy atmosphere that recalls Feldman's former employer Captain Beefheart, and the downright odd "You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)" has a trippy electronic sheen and an unexpected rapped chorus. In this context, songs like the more traditionally minded "West Memphis Moon" are the ones that sound out of place! However, the combination of country twang and psychedelic weirdness works more often than not, and it makes a nice change from Prophet's recent albums, which were starting to sound a bit formulaic. It's not as big a change as Wilco made with Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but Age of Miracles has a similar restless quality. ~ Stewart Mason, Rovi

    Credits of The Age of Miracles

    • Jason Borger
    • Synthesizer, Moog Synthesizer, Vox Continental, Casio, Wurlitzer, String Arrangements, Piano (Electric), Glockenspiel
    • Chuck Prophet
    • Organ, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Composer, Glockenspiel, Harpsichord, Tom-Tom, Vocals, Producer, Tres, Lap Steel Guitar, Audio Production, Shortwave Radio, Guitar (Baritone), Bullhorn

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