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    Live at the Full Throttle Saloon

    Jackyl - Live at the Full Throttle Saloon


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    All Music Guide Review

    No one does it quite like Jackyl, and just in case you didn't know what you purchased, the announcer reminds you who you are listening to right at the get-go. And that's a good thing, because at first you might think you're hearing the sound of the garbage disposal in the next room. That's not to say Jackyl are garbage...far from it. This live concert recorded at the Full Throttle Saloon (the world's largest biker bar) proves that, nearly a decade removed from their debut, the boys can still rock it, lead singer Jesse James can still play a chainsaw like no one else in heavy metal music, and people can still remember the chorus to "I Stand Alone" word for word (just in case you forgot, it's "I stand alone today/[Why you feel?]/Don't ask me why I feel, I just know I feel this way/[Where you stand?]/I stand alone today"). Die-hard fans will find this an enjoyable document to add to their collections, as it unleashes the power that is normally hindered by studio constraints in a full-throated, pedal-to-the-metal manner. Casual listeners also might find this a useful alternative to purchasing a greatest-hits compilation, as it has every song you possibly could want from the gravel-throated, chainsaw-laden frontman and his band of mercenaries. ~ Rob Theakston, Rovi

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