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    2005 | Birdman 

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    Malpractice Track Listing

    Malpractice Notes

    A Fflint Records Compilation

    Fflint Central, a fantastic CD-R-only label, comes from the country outside of Manchester where ley lines vibrate through the fates of the local inhabitants. Whether it is these vibrations that triggered a group of like-minded sound distortionists to create dark, groovy soundscapes is anyone's guess. But the phenomenon is REAL and for these past years amazing electronic warlords have formed groups to create some of the most innovative, trance-enducing, psychedelic wave-formed moments since Stockhausen discovered the electrified Jew Harp.

    All twenty-something of the Fflint Central releases, chronicling the exploits of great bands such as PENDRO and BERKOWITZ, LAKE AND DAHMER, have been circulating in the underground in the form of CD-Rs, a medium of communication that unfortunately protects all but the fellow travelers from exposure.

    Yet the legendary late John Peel caught on and played them regularly on his show. Electronic guru rags such as WIRE and E/I have flown the freak flag of Fflint with gusto. And with this Birdman Records release, Malpractice -- a compilation of classic cuts from the Fflint Central archives -- for the first time in history, the music is being made readily available to the public. - Birdman Records

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