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All Music Guide Review

Youth, beauty, and sex appeal are high priorities in many genres of music, but there is also something to be said for experience. While a teen popster might peak at 19, the fact is that Celia Cruz, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Lola Beltrán, and Ella Fitzgerald (just to give a handful of examples) did some of their best work when they were over 40. And in the 2000s, aging was a positive for Los Temerarios, who greatly increased the mariachi/ranchera element on 2004's more traditionally Mexican Veintisiete (which boasts some of their meatier performances). While Los Temerarios' follow-up, Regalo de Amor, emphasized the pop-drenched grupero style that they're best known for, that disc took some chances here and there. And that brings you to 2005's Sueño de Amor (Dream of Love). Los hermanos Alba consider this 61-minute disc the last part of a trilogy that started with 2003's Tributo al Amor and continued with Regalo de Amor -- a trilogy emphasizing all things romantic. Of course, romantic is what one expects from Los Temerarios; no one's going to argue that they should start recording narco-corridos of the Grupo Exterminador/Chalino Sánchez variety. But there is romantic, and there is romantic. Veintisiete was a gutsier, edgier sort of romantic; so were a few tracks on Regalo de Amor (including the flamenco-influenced "En la Madrugada Se Fue" and the Temerarios/Julio Iglesias duet "Esos Amores"). Sueño de Amor, however, almost always keeps things on the light side -- light, soft, gentle, and caressing. The mariachi factor asserts itself the most on Federico Mendez's "Por Tu Maldito Amor," but overall, Sueño de Amor is a textbook example of grupero that is light on the heavy and heavy on the light. While it's a bit disappointing that Los Temerarios don't challenge themselves more, the material is always likable -- and many of their die-hard fans will appreciate the pleasant ambience that they maintain on this decent, if formulaic, effort. ~ Alex Henderson, Rovi

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