Victor Mecyssne

Hush Money

Victor Mecyssne - Hush Money


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Credits of Hush Money

  • David Jacques
  • Trumpet, Tuba, Treble, Brass Arrangement, ?, Multi Instruments, Euphonium
  • Victor Mecyssne
  • Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Guitar, Arranger, Multi Instruments, National Steel Guitar, Producer, Vocals
  • Eric Holt
  • Piano, Choir, Chorus, Vocal Harmony
  • Steve Allen
  • Mixing, Guitar (Electric), Choir, Chorus, Producer, Engineer
  • Jeff Coffin
  • Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor), Multi Instruments, Horn Arrangements
  • Steve Conn
  • Accordion, Mouth Trumpet, Choir, Chorus, ?

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