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    Interpol Remix (EP)

    Interpol - Interpol Remix (EP)


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    Interpol Remix (EP) Notes

    from Matador: In some of the most austere yet deluxe packaging known to man, or at least the history of the record industry, INTERPOL’s collection of 4 remixes from ‘Antics,’ one by each member of the band, makes its debut as an EP under the title ‘Interpol Remix.’ These 4 remixes were previously available on the bonus disc to ‘Antics: The Special Edition,’ and were also spread across the B-sides of various import singles. That said, the package and holistic nature of this release, will still make it a must-have for serious Interpol fans — and, we hope, provide some solace for those fans who did not want to buy the album twice to get the extra material. CD: Standard size digipak with the silhouettes of the band members on the front. SUPER-DELUXE VINYL: The package consists of four vinyl 12-inch discs housed in a heavy cardstock quadruple 12-inch jacket. The entire jacket (inside and out) is white cardstock with dull film (matte) lamination. The front cover is embossed with the silhouettes of the band members. The back cover is white with the song titles, legal info and logos printed in gloss varnish. When you open the jacket, each inner page/leaf contains recording info printed in just gloss varnish in a spiral design; each inner page/leaf has a 3 1/2" die-cut hole (so that nothing but the vinyl 12-inch label is visible through the hole, even as the vinyl shifts within the page/leaf). The 12" labels are brightly colored and visible through the holes and contain the track info, again listed in a spiral design. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 4X12" IS DELAYED UNTIL 12-6-2005.

    Credits of Interpol Remix (EP)

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