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  • Rocío Dúrcal

    Rocío Dúrcal

    Amor Eterno: Los Exitos (CD & DVD)

    Rocío Dúrcal - Amor Eterno: Los Exitos (CD & DVD)


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    All Music Guide Review

    Rocio Dúrcal, the Spanish-born matriarch of epic Latin balladry, has had a recording career spanning several decades that is enviable by the most well-established veterans. Her smooth, emotive voice has soared over dramatic, sweeping orchestral arrangements for over 30 years. For an artist not hurting for compilations, with close to 30 to her credit, one might wonder what the significance of yet another could be. The 2006 release of Amor Eterno: Los Exitos by the Norte label could seem like a small ripple on a wide pond, but with its amazing Billboard success, it demands another look. Her work with arrangers and producers like Marco Antonio Solís and Juan Carlos Calderon has placed her at the very top the Latin pop world, with a preference for more mature audiences, similar to U.S. artists like Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand. Dúrcal, though also performing in popular bolero styles, has shown a preference for the music of Mexico, despite her own continental birth. This is evident on Amor Eterno, several tunes including ranchera, and other mexicano influences. By and large, most folkloric voices tend to be drowned out by the grandiose string arrangements and pop rhythm section. Nonetheless, the qualities that brought Dúrcal the lavish success that she enjoys to this day are clearly evident on Amor Eterno, Rovi

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