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    One Cold Night (Bonus DVD)

    Seether - One Cold Night (Bonus DVD)

    2006 | Bicycle Music Com. 

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    Videos from One Cold Night (Bonus DVD)

    One Cold Night (Bonus DVD) Notes

    The Seether of 2006 is a far different band than the Seether that debuted in 2002. Nowhere is that more evident than on One Cold Night, the new live acoustic CD and bonus DVD, which reveals a new intimate side to their heavy-hitting sound.

    Recorded at Philadelphia’s Grape Street on February 22, 2006, the session features hits from the band’s gold certified debut albums Disclaimer and Disclaimer II and their current release, the gold certified Karma and Effect.

    Seether’s devoted fans will be rewarded with the release of One Cold Night. The CD/DVD marks several firsts for the band – their first concert recording, their first live acoustic recording and their first DVD release offering a complete set. For new fans, the live recording will convey the musical integrity and intensity of vocalist Shaun Morgan and his band mates from the platinum-selling, headlining band, Seether.

    1. Gasoline
    2. Drivine Under
    3. Diseased
    4. Truth
    5. Immortality
    6. Tied My Hands
    7. Sympathetic
    8. Fine Again
    9. Broken
    10. Gift
    11. Remedy
    12. Plastic Man
    13. Gift (Alt Mix) (Bonus Track)

    Credits of One Cold Night (Bonus DVD)

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