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    Slipknot (Reissue)

    Slipknot - Slipknot (Reissue)

    1999 | Roadrunner Records 

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    All Music Guide Review

    These nine Midwestern boys (all from Des Moines, IA) reportedly perform wearing orange industrial coveralls with UPC symbols on the front; each bandmember is identified by a number, which is painted on the sleeve of his coveralls. Each also wears a really nasty-looking mask. Judging from their appearance and from the sound of their debut album, it's easy to assume that they're upset about something. What it is exactly is kind of hard to tell, since the stuttering roar of Number 8's vocals is barely discernible through the jackhammer death metal drums, massed guitars, horror-show samples, and jittery turntable scratches that pummel the listener through almost every song. You thought Limp Bizkit was hard? They're the Osmonds. These guys are something else entirely. And it's pretty impressive. Although those lyrics that are discernible are not generally quotable on a family website, suffice it to say that the members of Slipknot are not impressed with their fathers, their hometown, or most anything else. "Surfacing" starts out by cursing pretty much everything generally, and then it starts getting aggressive, as shrieking guitar feedback alternates with DJ scratching. "Spit It Out" is speed rap-metal with an actual melody in the chorus; "Scissors" ends the program with a sound that quite simply couldn't get any more aggro without falling apart entirely, and by the end, the singer actually sounds like he's about to burst into tears. An auspicious debut. [Slipknot was reissued in 1999.] ~ Rick Anderson, Rovi

    Slipknot (Reissue) Track Listing

  • #
  • Title
  • time
  • 1
  • 742617000027
  • :35
  • Sound Clip for 742617000027 from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • 2
  • (Sic)
  • 3:19
  • Sound Clip for (Sic) from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • 3
  • Eyeless
  • 3:58
  • Sound Clip for Eyeless from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • 5
  • Surfacing
  • 3:33
  • Sound Clip for Surfacing from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • 8
  • Me In Side
  • 2:39
  • Sound Clip for Me In Side from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • 9
  • Liberate
  • 3:06
  • Sound Clip for Liberate from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • 10
  • Prosthetics
  • 4:58
  • Sound Clip for Prosthetics from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • 11
  • No Life
  • 2:47
  • Sound Clip for No Life from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • 12
  • Diluted
  • 3:23
  • Sound Clip for Diluted from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • 13
  • Only One
  • 2:26
  • Sound Clip for Only One from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • 14
  • Scissors
  • 19:17
  • Sound Clip for Scissors from Slipknot (Reissue)

  • Credits of Slipknot (Reissue)

    • Slipknot
    • Composer, Producer, Cover Art Concept, Package Concept

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