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All Music Guide Review

1965's Caramba, suitably subtitled "Hot Rhythms from South America," was a huge breakthrough record for Roberto Delgado and his ensemble, selling millions of copies worldwide and establishing him as a force in the marketplace. Neither as passionate as Prado or sweet as Cugat, Caramba and its hot rhythms stake out a happy middle ground, where beautiful couples dance on the beach in front of a blazing fire before retiring, aroused and happy, to their air-conditioned hotel rooms. It still sounds fresh today, a superbly produced collection of rhumba-inspired melodies that can still fill a dancefloor. Delgado uses all his musicians terrifically on this one; the horn section is bright and articulate, while drummer Rolf Ahrens steps up repeatedly to provide suitable polyrhythmic support. Most noticeable is the brilliant guitar work of quiet superstar session man Ladi Geisler, who repeatedly steps in with impeccable leads and perfect timing. Geisler also plays the bass, his distinctive "knackbass" style giving all the songs a real feel of immediacy, guaranteeing listeners will feel an impulsive thrill in the urge to jump up and dance. Still in print, Caramba is a perfect party platter and a great start for anyone curious as to why Delgado remains an iconic figure in the world of schlager and world music. ~ Laurie Mercer, Rovi

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