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By 1974 it seemed that Greek music was going to carve a permanent place in Western pop. Never on Sunday and Zorba the Greek had conquered screen and stage, Vicky Leandros, Demis Roussos, and Nana Mouskouri were established pop stars, and Mikis Theodorakis and Manos Hadjidakis had proven there were serious composers of considerable merit. Naturally it created a perfect opportunity for a Roberto Delgado record, and Horst and his pals stepped up with Bouzouki. That instrument, of course, takes center stage from the opening notes; the virtuoso Ladi Geisler's adept bouzouki performance is reinforced by handclaps, dreamy voices, and typically funky backup as the band meanders through a selection of pop hits. Delgado is more than usual in the background, contributing occasional marimba and accordion flourishes, content to let the horns, voices, flute, insistent bouzouki and rhythm guitar lead the way. In typical Delgado fashion, the record does not stay stylistically on topic; for example, the horn section can't resist sticking a mariachi fill into "To Treno," while "My Friend the Wind" references Ennio Morricone more than any Greek composition. Pleasant but unengaging, Bouzouki is more an easy listening than Hellenic, appealing only to Delgado fans, and should be avoided by anyone seeking even a whiff of authentically Greek music. ~ Laurie Mercer, Rovi

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