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    Intimacy (US Bonus Tracks)

    Bloc Party - Intimacy (US Bonus Tracks)


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    Intimacy (US Bonus Tracks) Notes

    Following a long run of summer festivals and sold out tour dates, Bloc Party brings us their newest studio effort. Intimacy is a fittingly up-close title for an album that is, immediately, in-your-face and in-your-ear. Bloc Party’s third album is a thrillingly radical record, bristling with percussive innovation, scorching riffs, orchestral sampledelia, and biting emotional candor.

    The writing and recording of Intimacy prefigured the manner of its release. Adjudging that first ideas are often the best ideas, Bloc Party decided to record the first ten songs they wrote. What seems on paper a restrictive brief, paradoxically, proved a spur to creativity. Intimacy was produced by Paul Epworth, who produced Bloc Party’s 2005 debut Silent Alarm, and by Garrett “Jacknife” Lee, who produced the follow-up, 2007’s A Weekend In The City, and mixed by Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, amongst myriad others). The producers were at the controls for five tracks each. “We felt we had unfinished business with both Garrett and Paul,” says Lead singer Kele Okereke by way of explaining the splitting in half of production duties. Bloc Party: so here they are, quicksmart, gung-ho and restless. Intimacy is the sound of a band invigorated by success but also challenged by it.

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