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    Cash Cash

    Take It to the Floor

    Cash Cash - Take It to the Floor


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    Take It to the Floor Track Listing

  • #
  • Title
  • time
  • 1
  • Breakout
  • 3:34
  • Sound Clip for Breakout from Take It to the Floor

  • 2
  • Sugar Rush
  • 3:05
  • Sound Clip for Sugar Rush from Take It to the Floor

  • 4
  • Cash Cash
  • 3:09
  • Sound Clip for Cash Cash from Take It to the Floor

  • 7
  • Interlude
  • 2:33
  • Sound Clip for Interlude from Take It to the Floor

  • 8
  • Concerta
  • 3:24
  • Sound Clip for Concerta from Take It to the Floor

  • 9
  • Two Days Old
  • 3:19
  • Sound Clip for Two Days Old from Take It to the Floor

  • 10
  • Your Love
  • 2:56
  • Sound Clip for Your Love from Take It to the Floor

  • 11
  • Radio
  • 4:13
  • Sound Clip for Radio from Take It to the Floor

  • 12
  • Dynamite
  • 3:39
  • Sound Clip for Dynamite from Take It to the Floor

  • Take It to the Floor Notes

    THE BREAKTHROUGH, BOISTEROUS techno-pop of Universal Republic newcomers Cash Cash will be bounding into stores with their Universal Republic debut album "Take It to the Floor." The charismatic band is currently riding the wave of their insatiable hit “Party In Your Bedroom,” which has exploded on radio and via youtube, thanks to the turbo-charged chemistry supplied by brothers Jean Paul Makhlouf (vocals, guitar) and Alex Makhlouf (keyboards, programming), and the band’s riveting rhythm section: Sam Frisch (bass, vocals), Anthony Villacari (drums, percussion), and Mike Doerr (guitar, vocals).

    Hailing from Roseland, New Jersey, Cash Cash has seeded their close-knit camaraderie with an interchangeable musical DNA that reaches all the way back to Jean Paul’s and Sam’s third grade roots. Known for fusing 70s pumped-up funk vapors into infectious 80s-styled pop, the group’s harmony-anchored hooks sealed their appeal, with the band inking a deal with Universal Republic Records in early 2008.

    Ratcheting up gleeful gems such as “Breakout,” and “Two Days Old,” Cash Cash relies on a relentless connectivity that powers both their live shows and sizzling studio efforts that has seen them win over online fans and club-goers across the U.S. Currently on tour with dance-pop hypsters Metro Station and Tyga.

    It was their constant barnstorming of NJ and NYC clubs, like Pete Wentz’ AK-47 New York City nightspot, that led to heightened record company interest in the versatile group in ‘07 and early ‘08. Their effortless singing style, coupled with a playfully off-kilter beatsensibility became a notable trademark of Cash Cash, rallying fans and critics to their musical cause everywhere they played.

    Credits of Take It to the Floor

    • Samuel Frisch
    • Bass, Package Design, Group Member, Guitar (Bass), Programming

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