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    Stems & Seeds

    Ben Folds - Stems & Seeds

    2009 | Epic 

    • CD


      STEMS & SEEDS (SBA2)


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    Stems & Seeds Notes

    Disc 1: STEMS:
    Stems (on a data disc) for tracks 1-11
    Disc 2:. SEEDS:
    Re-sequenced version of Way to Normal

    Ben Folds is best known as a solo artist and as the front-man/pianist of Ben Folds Five. He is celebrated for a sound that bridges the worlds of jazz and power rock. Ben Folds Five broke onto the scene as a refreshing break from the 90’s angst rock norm. After the band spilt, Ben’s first major solo album was 2001’s Rockin’ the Suburbs. A year later, he released the live album, Ben Folds Live. His 2005 LP, Songs for Silverman, was released to critical acclaim. He followed with a series of EPs, and most recently his second full-length studio album, Way to Normal.

    Stems and Seeds takes the tracks from Way to Normal and offers alternate, re-mastered and resequenced versions of the songs, as well as the “fake versions” that were leaked by Ben online before the release of the album. It will also feature a live performance of “You Don’t Know Me” by Ben and Regina Spektor on Conan O’Brien and the Japanese version of “Hiroshima.”

    As part of the “stems” disc, fans will also be able to access the master “stems” from Way To Normal, in order to mix and master the songs themselves at home. The idea of Stems and Seeds came from Folds mixing and mashing up his own songs, and now he wants the listener to be able to do the same.

    Credits of Stems & Seeds

    • Ben Folds
    • Synthesizer, Vocals, Producer, Remixing, Omnichord, Clapping, Choir, Chorus, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Piano, Composer
    • Joe Costa
    • Engineer, Editing, Compilation, Mixing
    • Sam Smith
    • Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Omnichord, Choir, Chorus, Tambourine

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