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Mitchel Musso - Mitchel Musso

2009 | Imports 

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Mitchel Musso Notes

Over the past six years, Mitchel Musso has been establishing himself as a rising TV, movie and music star. Mitchel is best known for his role as Oliver "Smokin'" Oken on the Emmy® nominated Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana. Mitchel, just 18 years old, has been in numerous movies (Secondhand Lions with Robert Duvall, Steven Spielberg's Oscar® nominated Monster House) and TV shows (voice of Jeremy on Phineas and Ferb, Fox's Stacked and Oliver Beane).

Credits of Mitchel Musso

  • Smid
  • Programming, Audio Production
  • Busbee
  • Composer, Programming, Audio Production, Keyboards
  • PJ Bianco
  • Composer, Programming, Vocals (Background), Audio Production
  • Programming, Audio Production
  • Curt Schneider
  • Synthesizer, Guitar (Bass), Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals (Background), Audio Production, Mixing
  • Mike Busbee
  • Composer, Keyboards, Audio Production, Programming
  • Justin Gray
  • Keyboards, Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Programming
  • Tim Pagnotta
  • Composer, Audio Production, Keyboards, Audio Engineer
  • Bryan Todd
  • Composer, Mixing, Audio Production, Programming
  • Eddie Galan
  • Composer, Vocals (Background), Audio Production
  • Ali Dee
  • Composer, Audio Production
  • Matthew Wilder
  • Composer, Programming, Vocals (Background), Various, Mixing, Audio Production, Audio Engineer

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