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    The Infection

    Chimaira - The Infection

    2009 | Ferret Records 

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    The Infection Notes

    Given the amount of sonic territory The Infection covers, the band's power and vision remain consistent. While the individual members will pledge allegiance to disparate-sounding bands ranging from Carcass, Slayer and Nine Inch Nails, the commonality they share is 100-percent Chimaira, a chemistry not lost on Hunter. That's why when a waitress at a truck stop asks him what kind of music he plays, the singer says "metal" like it's a badge of honor. "I think you can alienate people if you're linked to a particular genre," [singer Mark] Hunter says. "We're not in the death-metal scene, we're not in the hardcore scene. I just tell people we're metal, because that gives us carte blanche to do what we want. I'm glad we're not some hip, scene-centered band, because we can make the decisions we want to make and not worry about backlash. Our fans have always come along for the ride with us, and we feel really blessed in that regard."

    Credits of The Infection

    • Rob Arnold
    • Guitar, Composer, Audio Production, Producer, Group Member
    • Matt DeVries
    • Guitar, Group Member, Guitar (Rhythm), Composer
    • Chris Spicuzza
    • Composer, Keyboards, Group Member, Art Conception, Electronics

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