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    Pearl Jam

    Ten (Vinyl Collection)

    Pearl Jam - Ten (Vinyl Collection)

    1991 | Epic 

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      TEN (RMST)


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    Ten (Vinyl Collection) Notes

    Ten, the debut album that sold 12 million copies and introduced the world to Pearl Jam in 1991, will be reissued in four (4) new and expanded editions on March 24, 2009. The reissue of Ten serves as the launch of a planned two-year catalogue re-release campaign leading up to the band's 20th anniversary in 2011.

    Each Ten package will include two versions of the album: the remastered version of the original album PLUS an accompanying remixed version done by the band's long-time producer, Brendan O'Brien (Bruce Springsteen,AC/DC, Audioslave).

    "The band loved the original mix of Ten, but were also interested in what it would sound like if I were to deconstruct and remix it," says producer Brendan O'Brien. "The original Ten sound is what millions of people bought, dug and loved, so I was initially hesitant to mess around with that. After years of persistent nudging from the band, I was able to wrap my head around the idea of offering it as a companion piece to the original - giving a fresh take on it, a more direct sound."

    LP 1: original Ten tracklisting remastered for vinyl

    LP 2: original Ten tracklisting remastered for vinyl and remixed by Brendan O’Brien

    Credits of Ten (Vinyl Collection)

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