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    Collin Raye

    Never Going Back

    Collin Raye - Never Going Back


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    Never Going Back Notes

    Mixing up the laid back rock and folk of mid-seventies Southern California with country and rock 'n' roll, Collin Raye creates a sophisticated and diverse album on Never Going Back. Full of songs that subtly recall the great, organic music of that era, Raye pulls them right into the future with his distinctive sound and style. Recorded in Alabama's historic Muscle Shoals, the album feels guided by the ghosts of the country, rock, blues and pop albums that the region cultivated throughout the '70s. And like a fantastic LP, this CD is great from start to finish. From the roaring, feel-good romp of "Mid-Life Chrysler," and the powerful reworking of "Without You" ( a duet with Grammy nominee Susan Ashton) to the unforgettable, intensely personal "She's With Me," every tune is finely crafted, sure to connect with his legions of fans.

    Credits of Never Going Back

    • Jim Gray
    • String Arrangements, String Conductor

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