Chester French

Love the Future

Chester French - Love the Future

2009 | Interscope Records 

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Love the Future Track Listing

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  • Introduction
  • 1:07
  • Sound Clip for Introduction from Love the Future

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  • Bebe Buell
  • 3:38
  • Sound Clip for Bebe Buell from Love the Future

  • 7
  • Fingers
  • 4:16
  • Sound Clip for Fingers from Love the Future

  • 10
  • Neal
  • 3:35
  • Sound Clip for Neal from Love the Future

  • 11
  • Not Over You
  • 4:24
  • Sound Clip for Not Over You from Love the Future

  • 13
  • Sleep
  • 4:12
  • Sound Clip for Sleep from Love the Future

  • Love the Future Notes

    A they, not a he, consisting of young friends D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey, Chester French seeks to prove that pop music can be at once challenging and accessible. And with the bracing, involving and always-surprising set of pop-art songs on their debut album Love the Future, the duo has made a bold statement that's as delightful as it is ambitious, an album informed by a great wealth of music that is poised to break barriers and set new standards.

    Chester French's world is a musical universe in which everything's in play. The glorious "She Loves Everybody" mixes sensibilities equally drawing on Motown and power-pop. "Beneath the Veil" throws country twists into hip-hop aesthetics. "Neal" has echoes of swing, hip-hop and rock – with a guitar break paying tribute to the genius and magic fingers of Les Paul. And "Fingers" is just your basic orchestral-pop with, you know, a lap steel solo. There's a curtain-raising "Introduction," and a couple transition pieces ("The String Interlude" and "Country Interlude") to help tie it all together and stress that this is, overall, far more than just a collection of songs, but a whole statement.

    "We were trying to make the album an album," Drummey says. "What we tried to do is make something musically diverse but also unified. And we did the best job of that ever in the history of music."

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