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    Carver City

    CKY - Carver City

    2009 | Roadrunner Records 

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    Carver City Track Listing

    Carver City Notes

    Carver City is CKY's first album of new material since 2005's An Answer Can Be Found, and the band's first studio offering since its split from Island Records in 2006.

    "Having a studio at my house, gave me the ability to work on [Carver City] for literally several thousand hours, for two years straight," Producer/guitarist Chad Ginsburg says. "We added a ton of new textures. Layering has always been something we've been into; guitar textures alone tend to bore us, [Carver City] is sonically, our best effort to date."

    Thematically, Carver City is part fantasy, part autobiography. To assist in the completion of the album, CKY concocted the fictional town of Carver City to help them. [singer/guitarist Deron] Miller and Ginsburg inhabited this imagined municipality with notoriously bad luck with dozens of illusory characters, and even created an elaborate history behind Carver. At its heart, Carver City is a late 1970's/early 80's-era seaside resort town, much like Wildwood, New Jersey - a place Miller visited often with his family when he was a child. The song "The Boardwalk Body" was directly inspired by one such visit, when Miller says police discovered a corpse underneath the boardwalk.

    "Lyrically and musically, it all reminded us of that nostalgic beach vacation feeling," Miller says.

    Credits of Carver City

    • Deron Miller
    • Bass, Guitar, Composer, Moog Synthesizer, Orchestration, Producer, Vocals

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