So Many Dynamos

The Loud Wars

So Many Dynamos - The Loud Wars

2010 | Vagrant Records 

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The Loud Wars Notes

The Loud Wars show traces of some of So Many Dynamos' favorite musical touchstones – Talking Heads, Pinkerton-era Weezer, Q And Not U – it also features some unique reinterpretations of the group's old material. The band listened to all of their previous albums in reverse and recontextualized some of these moments into their new material. For example, "Glaciers" is largely built around the melody of Flashlights standout "Search Party" played backwards. Some songs share lyrics with their earliest releases and the self-referential aspects don't end there: the left-channel guitar part to "Keep It Simple" is the melody created by spelling out the band's palindromic moniker via text message.

"I think this album is a more honest representation of who we are as people and musicians and what we've been trying to accomplish since we started our band," states Ryan Wasoba, guitarist. "We didn't really come out swinging on our first release, and we've been slowly figuring ourselves out as we go. This is the first album that we don't have any baggage with and we don't have to make excuses for. I think this is finally a straightforward statement of who So Many Dynamos are."

In fact listening to The Loud Wars, it's obvious that instead of fixating on genre constraints or marketing plans, the album is simply a musical snapshot of four unique individuals who have come together with a common goal to craft the album they want to hear. [Producer Chris] Walla's inventive production complements the band's efforts and suffuses the album with audio trickery that includes the sound of strings being cut off of an acoustic guitar on "Novelty of Haunting," the spliced-together collage of tape rewinding sounds on "New Bones," the pitch shifted snare drum on "Keep It Simple", and the orchestra of guitar feedback at the end of "Oh, The Devastation."

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