Jenny Owen Youngs

Transmitter Failure

Jenny Owen Youngs - Transmitter Failure

2009 | Nettwerk Records 

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Transmitter Failure Track Listing

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  • 1
  • First Person
  • :40
  • Sound Clip for First Person from Transmitter Failure

  • 3
  • Dissolve
  • 3:49
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  • 5
  • Clean Break
  • 3:02
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  • 8
  • Secrets
  • 3:05
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  • 9
  • No More Words
  • 6:29
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  • 10
  • Last Person
  • 3:15
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  • 11
  • Nighty Night
  • 3:37
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  • 13
  • Start & Stop
  • 2:59
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  • Transmitter Failure Notes

    Greetings, my marmosets.

    Fourteen months ago, I moved into Dan Romer's home so we could work together more or less every day on making the record. Dan is a producer, songwriter, destroyer of worlds, and my brother/bff. In addition to producing, arranging, and engineering the record, Dan played many an instrument and sang many a vocal, as well as co-writing some of the songs with me. Bess Rogers, Osei Essed (The Woes), and Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack) also participated in the writing of songs.

    We wanted to make a record that would be a bit bouncier, a bit more fun to play live. But don't worry, the songs are still full of girl-feelings.

    We enlisted the usual suspects (Bess Rogers, Chris Kuffner, Adam Christgau) to play the meat of the album's music. We were also lucky enough to snag the string section from Broadway's Spring Awakening (R.I.P.) via our dreamboat cellist friend, Ben Kalb. Saul (The Age of Rockets) and Meredith (Gregory & the Hawk) loaned us some beautiful choirs of "ahhs." What I'm saying is it was a team effort.

    Now, I realize that some of you bought the album early/digitally through the great folks at Amie St. This was a great thing of you to do, and thank you kindly! You helped me. You helped kids who need surgery but can't afford it. But!! Please know!! The packaging of the album, created by Gail Marowitz (genius) and Ed Sherman (other genius), is stunning and beautiful and has everything to do with the music. I know it's terribly dinosaur-like of me to trumpet the benefit of a possessing a physical copy of an album, but I feel terribly strongly that the package is part of the experience in this case.

    SO!! All that having been said, it is my honor and privilege to music-ify you in the small way of which I'm capable. Thank you so much for reading this, listening, caring about music. I hope you like what we've made.

    Your humble servant,
    Jenny Owen Youngs

    Credits of Transmitter Failure

    • Chris Kuffner
    • Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Double Bass
    • Dan Romer
    • Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Piano, Percussion, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Marimba, Engineer, String Arrangements, Ukeke, Writer, Vocals, Keyboards, Glockenspiel, Arranger, Accordion
    • Bess Rogers
    • Flute, Vocals, Guitar (Electric), Composer

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