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    15 Super Exitos

    Bronco - 15 Super Exitos


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    All Music Guide Review

    When German immigrants moved to Texas, they brought their polka beat with them -- and when Mexicans started playing that beat their own way, ranchero music was born. It didn't take that beat long to catch on throughout the Southwestern U.S. as well as in Mexico; if you've spent any time in a place that has a large Mexican population, you have no doubt been exposed to the ranchero beat at some point. There are still plenty of Mexican combos that play ranchero exclusively, but Bronco isn't a full-time ranchero group. Rather, they are ranchero experts who are also masters of tejano, Latin pop, and cumbia. Released in 1990, this diverse CD boasts some of Bronco's most essential hits of the 1980s and paints a well rounded picture of the Mexican quartet. Fans of pure, straight-up ranchero should appreciate accordion-driven gems like "Mi Maldito Corazon," "La Mula," "Con la Tierra Encima," and "Ni Quemando las Cobijas." But the group favors a sleeker, smoother tejano/Latin pop approach on the charming "No Nos Vamos a Olvidar," the haunting "No Es Tan Facil Perdonar," and the melancholy "Que Te Han Visto Lllorar." And some of the other tracks find Bronco embracing the Mexican version of cumbia, including "Carita Chorreada," "Los Vicios," and "Grande de Caderas. Cumbia originated in Columbia, but over the years Mexicans have had no problem playing their own interpretation (just as they developed their own ways of playing the German polka beat). Those who are seriously into Latin music can easily tell the difference between a Columbian cumbia recording from Bogota and a Mexican one that was made in Los Angeles, Mexico City, or San Antonio -- and Bronco's cumbia is obviously of the Mexican variety. Excellent from start to finish, 15 Super Exitos is the logical starting point if you're exploring this band's music for the first time. ~ Alex Henderson, Rovi

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