Rob Thomas


Rob Thomas - cradlesong

2009 | Atlantic 

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cradlesong Track Listing

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  • 1
  • Her Diamonds
  • 4:40
  • Sound Clip for Her Diamonds from cradlesong

  • 2
  • Gasoline
  • 3:55
  • Sound Clip for Gasoline from cradlesong

  • 4
  • Someday
  • 4:07
  • Sound Clip for Someday from cradlesong

  • 5
  • Mockingbird
  • 4:00
  • Sound Clip for Mockingbird from cradlesong

  • 8
  • Hard on You
  • 2:42
  • Sound Clip for Hard on You from cradlesong

  • 10
  • Natural
  • 4:48
  • Sound Clip for Natural from cradlesong

  • 11
  • Snowblind
  • 3:54
  • Sound Clip for Snowblind from cradlesong

  • 12
  • Wonderful
  • 3:29
  • Sound Clip for Wonderful from cradlesong

  • 13
  • Cradlesong
  • 4:17
  • Sound Clip for Cradlesong from cradlesong

  • 14
  • Getting Late
  • 3:29
  • Sound Clip for Getting Late from cradlesong

  • cradlesong Notes

    Arguably the most accomplished singer/songwriter of his generation, Rob Thomas is one of modern music's most compelling and commercially successful artists. Between Matchbox Twenty, his solo work, and his various collaborations with iconic artists like Santana and Mick Jagger, his tally now stands at more than 80 million albums sold worldwide.

    The latest magical collection of Thomas-crafted inspiration is his second solo album, cradlesong. The new album follows his 2005 multiplatinum solo debut, ...Something To Be, which made history as the first album by a male artist from a rock or pop group to debut at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 since the chart was launched 50 years earlier. The album earned a pair of Grammy nominations and spawned a string of hit singles, including the smash "Lonely No More" - which was #1 in 15 countries.

    cradlesong, with Matt Serletic again in the producer's chair, was forged in a creatively charged atmosphere. The result is a percussive rock record that pulses with passion and energy and portrays a world he views with boundless optimism. Despite the occasionally discouraging lyric, Thomas infuses that hopeful spirit into cradlesong. "I'm not a mopey person; I don't get satisfaction in heartache and despair. With the exception of a few things that start dark and stay dark, there's usually a hopefulness at the end of each song," he says. "There has to be; it's the hopeful part that makes you want to share them with people. It's the hopeful part that says you found some secret in the pain and maybe some other people will, too."

    Credits of cradlesong

    • Mike Leisz
    • Engineer, Pro-Tools, Assistant Engineer
    • Tim Pierce
    • Guitar (Acoustic), Snaps, Guitar (Electric), Guitar
    • Patrick Warren
    • Piano, Chamberlin, Snaps, String Arrangements, Organ (Pump), Organ (Hammond), Keyboards
    • Rob Thomas
    • Guitar, Composer, Keyboards, Tom-Tom, Vocals (Background), Snaps, Art Conception, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals
    • Ben Peeler
    • Bouzouki, Guitar, Oud, Lap Steel Guitar, Guitar (Steel)
    • Matt Serletic
    • Piano, Vocals (Background), Snaps, Audio Production, Horn Arrangements, Vocal Arrangement, Producer, Programming, Arranger, Composer, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond)
    • Tom Bukovac
    • Guitar (Acoustic), Beat Box, Snaps, Bass, Guitar

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