Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot

2009 | Absolute Uk 

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Chickenfoot Track Listing

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  • 4
  • Oh Yeah
  • 4:54
  • Sound Clip for Oh Yeah from Chickenfoot

  • 5
  • Runnin' Out
  • 3:52
  • Sound Clip for Runnin' Out from Chickenfoot

  • 6
  • Get It Up
  • 4:41
  • Sound Clip for Get It Up from Chickenfoot

  • 8
  • My Kinda Girl
  • 4:34
  • Sound Clip for My Kinda Girl from Chickenfoot

  • 10
  • Turnin' Left
  • 5:48
  • Sound Clip for Turnin' Left from Chickenfoot

  • Chickenfoot Notes

    [Joe Satriani], who hooked up with Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith felt "an immediate connection unlike anything I'd ever experienced before." To Satriani, who had almost abandoned his lifelong dream of being a part of a "big-time rock band," here was his chance, and here were his band mates. "After just a few songs, it became stunningly obvious that we shared an overall musical agenda. The only question was could we make a great album?"

    The band answered that question last fall when they hunkered down with the illustrious producer Andy Johns at George Lucas' Skywalker Studios and knocked out a batch of songs that sets a new standard for rock music in the new millennium.

    From the thunderous, ominous opening strains of Avenida Revolution (detailing the bloody drug wars in Tijuana, in which Hagar makes his feelings come through his skin) to the album closer, the shimmering rock ballad Future's in the Past, "Chickenfoot" is a firebomb of a record, the likes of which we haven't heard in ages.

    The band kicks and snorts their way through a passel of take-no-prisoners rockers like Soap on a Rope, Sexy Little Thing, Oh Yeah and My Kind of Girl.

    "These are the kinds of songs I could never do on my own," says Satriani, "I needed a band like this to make those songs come alive." The band explores mature themes on songs such as Runnin' Out, about a world stretched to the breaking point to Learning to Fall, perhaps the most poignant love song Hagar has ever written lyrics for. As both a vocalist and songwriter, Hagar's intensity and forcefulness are on vivid display on "Chickenfoot".

    "I write what comes to mind," the singer says. "I'm not bound by anything subject-wise. I'm inspired by the music. When I heard the music Joe was going for, it made me reach, it made me stretch. I think it made me sing in a way that I normally wouldn't have done. We seem to have that kind of effect on each other."

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