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  • 1
  • D'Ough
  • 3:33
  • Sound Clip for D'Ough from Certified

  • 2
  • Bartender
  • 3:28
  • Sound Clip for Bartender from Certified

  • 3
  • Sit Down
  • 3:34
  • Sound Clip for Sit Down from Certified

  • 4
  • Certified
  • 3:27
  • Sound Clip for Certified from Certified

  • 5
  • Hey
  • 4:32
  • Sound Clip for Hey from Certified

  • 6
  • Like Me
  • 3:10
  • Sound Clip for Like Me from Certified

  • 7
  • Let It Bang
  • 4:10
  • Sound Clip for Let It Bang from Certified

  • 8
  • Old You
  • 4:06
  • Sound Clip for Old You from Certified

  • 9
  • Go 2 Work
  • 3:08
  • Sound Clip for Go 2 Work from Certified

  • 10
  • Show Um Off
  • 3:14
  • Sound Clip for Show Um Off from Certified

  • 11
  • Spazin Out
  • 3:30
  • Sound Clip for Spazin Out from Certified

  • 12
  • Papi Ova Derr
  • 3:27
  • Sound Clip for Papi Ova Derr from Certified

  • Certified Notes

    UNLADYLIKE is the fresh female Hip-Hop duo comprised of East St. Louis finest “Gunna” and “Tee”. These girls are the first official female hip-hop duo since Salt-n-Pepa with a serious crunk style of their own. They met in high school where Tee heard Gunna battle rapin’ in the cafeteria an that motivated her to want to do the same thing and at that point UNLADYLIKE was born.

    These girls are the first group to blaze the music trail from East St. Louis and they are PROUD OF IT! Although the girls grew up in a hostile street environment they don’t dwell on the less fortunate hand that life dealt them . Instead, their lyrics portray living life to the fullest and being the best at everything they do.

    UNLADYLIKE likes to have fun and spread their energy to the world! These girls will truly entertain you with their fun and creative style. Their single off their debut album, Certified, "Bartender" is climbing the charts and taking over radio around the country and their next single “Dough” promises to do the same ! The album guarantes to deliver an eclectic sound that bursts with energy so much that you imediately want to get up and move your feet. Don’t take my word it, go listen for yourself...

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