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  • Paulina Rubio

    Paulina Rubio

    Gran City Pop (Deluxe Edition)

    Paulina Rubio - Gran City Pop (Deluxe Edition)

    2009 | Universal Latino 

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    Gran City Pop (Deluxe Edition) Notes

    Paulina Rubio is completely authentic, vibrant, intelligent and passionate in everything she does; A true artist and performer. Her trademark voice, combined with her sensual, independent and playful nature, make her one of a kind and a fan favorite. With her new album "GRAN CITY POP" she brings forth a perfect blend of modern pop sound which demonstrates an evolution in her music. She worked with some of the industries most notable producers and composers, making this a top of the line production with the Paulina Rubio stamp.

    This new album embodies a mixture of places and cultures; A Pop city as a way of life in which such a mixture creates freedom of expression and unity. It represents all of the great cities which have marked Paulina Rubio as a person, a professional and an artist.

    Deluxe CD + DVD contents:
    CD - 13 tracks:
    10 Same tracks as the regular edition, plus 3 bonus tracks - "Ya Fue," Dance Remix "Causa y Efecto," and Banda Version "Causa y Efecto"

    1. 25 minute documentary
    2. "Making Of" the photo shoot
    3. Causa y Efecto video

    Credits of Gran City Pop (Deluxe Edition)

    • Lester Mendez
    • Piano, Keyboards, Pandereta, Producer, Programming, Arranger, Recording, Arpa
    • Coti
    • Composer, Coros, Bajo Sexto, Producer

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