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  • Jack Ingram

    Jack Ingram

    Big Dreams and High Hopes

    Jack Ingram - Big Dreams and High Hopes

    2009 | Big Machine Records 

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    Big Dreams and High Hopes Notes

    The title track of Jack Ingram's new album, Big Dreams & High Hopes, recalls the dreams of a Houston kid who envisioned a life onstage from the time he fi rst played a guitar. And because Jack sees so many aspiring musicians on the road at his shows, it's become a priority for him to reach out. "As a musician, it's important for me to reach out to those kids who pick up a guitar and want to play. If I could have had some access to the artists I listened to when I was in my teens, it would have saved me a lot of aggravation. When I see these kids backstage or out front in the autograph line, and I get to talk with them, I sure hope I can provide them with some kind of knowledge and insight that prevents them from banging their head against the wall in frustration while trying to pursue their dream. What I tell 'em is exactly what I've learned: it's not that scary…you just have to keep on doing it every day. Whether you play an instrument or not, I want people to listen to my music, get that release, and walk away with the resolve to continue pursuing whatever goals they may have."

    Credits of Big Dreams and High Hopes

    • Jedd Hughes
    • Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals (Background), Guitar (Electric), Mandolin
    • Jay Joyce
    • Organ, Guitar (Acoustic), Piano, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    • Doug Lancio
    • Guitar (Acoustic), Drums, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Programming, Producer, Engineer, Mixing

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