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    Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost


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    Yeah Ghost Track Listing

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  • 1
  • Count Me Out
  • 1:26
  • Sound Clip for Count Me Out from Yeah Ghost

  • 2
  • Mr McGee
  • 4:19
  • Sound Clip for Mr McGee from Yeah Ghost

  • 3
  • Swing
  • 3:57
  • Sound Clip for Swing from Yeah Ghost

  • 5
  • Pop Art Blue
  • 4:23
  • Sound Clip for Pop Art Blue from Yeah Ghost

  • 6
  • Medicine Man
  • 4:32
  • Sound Clip for Medicine Man from Yeah Ghost

  • 7
  • Ghost Symbol
  • 4:36
  • Sound Clip for Ghost Symbol from Yeah Ghost

  • 8
  • Sleeper
  • 4:39
  • Sound Clip for Sleeper from Yeah Ghost

  • 9
  • Solastalgia
  • 1:59
  • Sound Clip for Solastalgia from Yeah Ghost

  • 10
  • The Road
  • 3:42
  • Sound Clip for The Road from Yeah Ghost

  • 11
  • All of Us
  • 6:20
  • Sound Clip for All of Us from Yeah Ghost

  • Yeah Ghost Notes

    On Yeah Ghost Zero 7 is embracing fresh ways of thinking. The childhood friends (Sam and Henry met while still North London schoolboys) rode speedily to stardom on the back of a handful of unforgettable remixes and their platinum-selling debut, Simple Things. Their first three albums captured Sam and Henry in their zone; Yeah Ghost is them breaking free. "This time, from an early stage, we were clocking ourselves as we went though the steps of writing," Sam says, "trying to be a bit more aware of our habits and to approach the process of making a record in a different ways."

    Singer Eska Mtungwazi (whose collaboration credits include Matthew Herbert and The Elektriks) bowled into Henry's Glastonbury home studio with a Britney Spears CD and a whole new attitude. She sings on four tracks, including lead single "Medicine Man", an immediate signal of the new energy coursing through Zero 7. Eska was working on her album and wanted neither the distraction nor the "session singer" tag. But, as Henry tells it: "When she wrote the lyrics for "Medicine Man," she had the whole thing done in 24 hours! When it comes that quickly there's obviously something right, and she couldn't get away from that. She changed it all in a matter of two days." Zero 7 will embark on a US tour in November and December.

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