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All Music Guide Review

David Forman a can rightfully take its place as one of the best singer/songwriter albums of the 1970s. Forman is a gifted melodist, and his unique combination of writing great, piano-based pop songs in addition to strong R&B-based numbers make for a winning combination. Credit must also go to producer Joel Dorn, who rightfully used spare production values, understanding that these songs would be best served with a very delicate and refined touch. About half the songs on the album have similar melodies that are almost lullaby-like in their simplicity, and that is a complement. One of those is the opening cut "Dream of a Child," which is a romantic number that makes references to Forman's desire to be a part of his heroes lives such as Philip Marlowe, Elvis Presley, and Brenda Lee. Other songs, such as "Treachery" and the sensuous "If It Take All Night" (sung in a Smokey Robinson-like falsetto) are more rooted in R&B and balance the romantic, literary side of Forman. "Endless Waters" is an excellent, gospel-tinged number (there are several references to God and Jesus on the album) about searching for life's meaning, with a haunting vocal arrangement by Cissy Houston. As noted earlier, the understated production by Joel Dorn is a major reason for the success of the album. Because the songs are usually so strong and Forman has such a fine voice, all that is needed is to caress the music and not overwhelm it. Percussion supports the falsetto-sung "When the Comet Comes" and melodic strings augment "The Marriage of Napoleon" but never overpower the base of the songs. Though this album sold poorly at the time of its release, it retains its vitality and deserves to be heard by a wide audience. ~ Michael Ofjord, Rovi

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