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    Handel's Messiah: A Soulful Celebration

    1992 | Word Entertainment 

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    All Music Guide Review

    Contemporary soul-pop artists, including Patti Austin, Tevin Campbell, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jone, Take 6, Howard Hewett, and Dianne Reeves, take a pop-song approach to Handel's classic Christmas oratorio. Handel's wonderful melodies are updated with synthesizers, drum machines, and slick pop production from Quincy Jones and Take 6's Mervyn Warren. ~ All Music Guide, Rovi

    Credits of Handel's Messiah: A Soulful Celebration

    • David Pack
    • Percussion, Keyboards, Arranger, Vocals (Background), Rhythm, Vocal Arrangement, Rhythm Arrangements, Mixing, Producer, Choir, Chorus
    • Greg Phillinganes
    • Percussion, Arranger, Vocals (Background), Synthesizer Bass, Rhythm Arrangements, Rhythm, Keyboards
    • Robert Sadin
    • Arranger, Producer, Keyboard Bass, Synthesizer Programming, Drum Programming, Programming, Keyboards
    • Mervyn Warren
    • Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Assistant, Rhythm Arrangements, Mixing Assistant, Drum Programming, Vocal Arrangement, Sequencing, Executive Producer, Liner Notes, Producer, Vocals (Background), Programming, Drums, Arranger
    • Chris Willis
    • Vocals, Vocals (Background), Performer, Duet, Choir, Chorus
    • Gary Hines
    • Arranger, Conductor, Vocal Arrangement, Engineer, Producer, Horn Arrangements, Rhythm Arrangements, String Arrangements
    • Charles Mims, Jr.
    • Synthesizer, Program, Synthesizer Programming, Keyboards, Arranger
    • Amy Hughes
    • Assistant Engineer, Assistant, Mixing Assistant
    • Michael O. Jackson
    • Organ, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Rhythm Arrangements, Vocal Arrangement, Piano, Arranger
    • Craig Taylor
    • Tenor (Vocal), Production Coordination, Project Coordinator
    • Mike-E
    • Guitar, Rap Lyric Adaptation, Rap, Choir, Chorus
    • Bob Bailey
    • Vocals, Vocals (Background), Choir, Chorus
    • Cedric Dent
    • Arranger, Choir, Chorus, Sequencing, Horn Arrangements, Assistant, Mixing Assistant, Programming, Keyboards
    • Kim Fleming
    • Vocals, Vocals (Background), Choir, Chorus
    • David Hall
    • Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Assistant Producer, Assistant
    • Fred Hammond
    • Keyboards, Drum Programming, Keyboard Bass, Vocal Arrangement, Producer, Re-Arranged
    • Joe Hogue
    • Arranger, Sequencing, Programming, Keyboards
    • Mark Kibble
    • Arranger, Vocals (Background), Sequencing, Programming, Keyboards
    • Lizz Lee
    • Choir, Chorus, Performer, Duet
    • Daryl Coley
    • Vocals, Vocal Ad-Libs, Duet, Performer, Choir, Chorus
    • Richard Smallwood
    • Arranger, Choir, Chorus, Group Member, Producer, Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
    • Take 6
    • Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Performer, Producer, Vocals (Background)
    • Patti Austin
    • Arranger, Choir, Chorus, Performer, Rhythm Arrangements, Vocal Arrangement, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

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