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    La Gabbia

    Year: 1985 | Running Time: 99 minutes

    An international co-production with dialogue in both Italian and English, this erotic thriller from writer Lucio Fulci and director Giuseppe Patroni-Griffi stars Tony Musante as Michael Parker, a successful American businessman living in Italy with his girlfriend. When she leaves on vacation, ...more

    Despite an all-star lineup of European cult film talent in front of and behind the camera -- actors Tony Musante, Laura Antonelli, and Florinda Bolkan -- a script by Lucio Fulci and Francesco Barilli (Man From Deep River), and music by Ennio Morricone, this Italian/Spanish thriller is disappointingly bland and overlong. Musante is a married man who, by chance, meets and enjoys a brief fling with a former lover (Antonelli) while his wife (Bolkan) is away. Antonelli's character, however, has been ...more