About Thomas Ian Nicholas

Thomas Ian Nicholas has got soul. On his latest album, Without Warning Acoustic, he crafts catchy acoustic ballads that equally channel classic and alternative rock's softer sides.

Showing humor and heart, Thomas has lit up the silver screen in memorable roles in American Pie, American Pie II, American Wedding and Rookie of the Year. However, his musical presence is just as vibrant, and his new record is proof.

Thomas has got a distinct perspective on his musical persona. "I'm trying to give as much as I'm personally capable of through my music," he explains. "I grew up in the '90s, and I have a crossbreed of influences. My favorite rock is from the '70s—Led Zeppelin and bands like that. I also grew up with alternative rock though, and I'm like a hybrid of the two."

On songs like "Wasting My Time" and "Something to Be Said," the emotion, passion and fire radiate within his personal sonic hybrid. Through his music, Thomas aims to give fans something more.

"For me, music is all about the experience," he continues. "There are a lot of songs that stick in our brains because they make us feel. My whole idea with my albums is to create that experience."

It's an experience that ARTISTdirect.com is going to bring you right to the heart of.

In order to get closer to Thomas, ARTISTdirect.com has launched this exclusive page where Thomas himself will give us all-access to his recent European tour with videos, photos and personal blog updates. Plus, he'll be promoting Without Warning Acoustic, which drops digitally on Tuesday May 5th. You'll hear all about it here, first.

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—Rick Florino