Asleep at the Wheel

Asleep at the Wheel Biography

Asleep At The Wheel is a 9-time Grammy winning American western swing band, founded in 1969 by Ray Benson and Lucky Oceans.

Current line-up:

Ray Benson - lead, vocals

Eddie Rivers - steel guitar, saxophone

David Miller - bass, vocals

David Sanger - drums

Katie Shore - Fiddle and Vocals

Emily Gimble - Piano and Vocals

Former members:

Chris O'Connell - guitar, vocals

LeRoy Preston - guitar, drums, vocals

Lucky Oceans - guitar, steel guitar

Larry Franklin - guitar, fiddle, vocals, harmony vocals

John Ely - Hawaiian guitar

Haydn Vitera - guitar, fiddle, vocals, harmony vocals

Rolf Seiker - banjo

Jim Murphy - dobro, steel guitar, saxophone

Johnny Nicholas - guitar, piano, harmony vocals

Wally Murphy - steel guitar

John Ely - steel guitar

Cindy Cashdollar - steel guitar

Bobby Black - steel guitar

Gene Dobkin - bass, vocals

Tony Garnier - bass

Tom Anastasio - bass

David Dawson - bass

John Mitchell - bass

Glen Fukunaga - bass

Andy Stein - fiddle

Johnny Gimble - fiddle

Buddy Spicher - fiddle

Richard Casanova - fiddle

Link Davis Jr. - fiddle, saxophone, accordion, vocals

Jason Roberts - fiddle, guitar, mandolin, vocals

Danny Levin - fiddle, mandolin

Bill Mabry - fiddle

Ricky Turpin - fiddle, mandolin

Chris Booher - fiddle, piano, vocals

Scott Hennige - drums

Chris York - drums

Richard Hormachea - drums

Tommy Beavers - drums

Faulkner Evans - piano

Floyd Domino - piano

Tim Alexander - piano, accordion, vocals, harmony vocals

John Michael Whitby - piano, harmony vocals

Patrick (Taco) Ryan - saxophone, clarinet

Michael Francis - saxophone, clarinet

Maryann Price - vocals

Jann Browne - vocals

Elizabeth McQueen - guitar, vocals

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