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They played their first Warped Tour three years ago on a side stage; now they're headliners. They released two successful albums on an indie label; their latest, City of Evil, is on a major. Avenged Sevenfold has been blessed with the sort of slow-motion success that makes a young band wise beyond its years and builds them an enviably loyal fan base. No wonder they're one of Warped's most talked-about acts.

We put the word out to those loyal fans and asked them: What do you want to know about these hard-rocking California dudes? Then we passed their questions along to A7X guitarist Zacky Vengeance. Here's what he had to say.

1. Robyn Freuck from Franklin, WI asked:
How long have you guys known each other and how did A7X come to be?

Zacky: Known each other forever and we’re just best friends that started a band.

2. Bre from Cushing asked:
What bands influenced you into becoming such an awesome band?

Zacky: Pantera, Iron Maiden, Queen, GnR, etc.

3. KT from Chicago asked:
What CDs can you not live without?

Zacky: The White Album, Highway to Hell, Straight Outta Compton.

4. Aaron Coleman from Puyallup, WA asked:
What are some of your favorite bands to play with? And what bands are you friends with?

Zacky: Playing at a festival in Germany with Iron Maiden and Velvet Revolver was cool. On the road, you get to know so many different people in different bands that I couldn’t begin to list them. By the way, I went to middle school at Ferrucci Junior High in Puyallup.

5. Sara Hix from Auburn, CA asked:
Do u like to dance naked around your house??

Zacky: Who doesn’t?

6. Kurt from Bath asked:
What is it like playing in front of a huge crowd, and the tension backstage when you're waiting to play?

Zacky: When everything’s going smoothly at a show, there is no tension. We step on stage and have a good time.

7. Jessica Dugan from Gypsum, OH asked:
You talk a lot about death, heaven/hell, and you have a song about Cain and Abel. What's your view on religion? Do you believe in God?

Zacky: We all have our own separate beliefs, but put simply, none of us go to church.

8. Tiffany from Wynne, Arkansas asked:
Why can't we find any personal info on you guys, like your real names, ages, height, etc.?

Zacky: Because we don’t really exist.

You can see Avenged Sevenfold through August 15 on the 2005 Warped Tour. Their new album, City of Evil, is available in the ARTISTdirect Store.

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Alternative Rock / Modern Rock band from Huntington Beach, California, formed in 1999.

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