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As the only child of rock & roll's first and most celebrated rock star, Lisa Marie Presley would have to work extremely hard to establish her own individuality, far far away from her famous Father.

It would be a rough road, but Lisa Marie had the spark and rawness to do it and to do it on her own terms.

Born to Elvis and Priscilla Presley on February 1, 1968, Elvis's only daughter spent the first four years of her life at Graceland where she was the apple of her father's eye. When her parents split in 1972, Lisa Marie left Nashville with her mother for the suburbs of Los Angeles, but would regularly visit Elvis in Memphis. Music was undoubtedly a big part of her life; Elton John, David Cassidy and some of Elvis' softer songs were her favorites. Having music around allowed Lisa Marie an escape. The tension between two households and the geographic distance apart was emotionally taxing for a young girl; such stress came to head August 16, 1977 when her father died after an apparent drug overdose. Lisa Marie was nine-years-old.

The decade that followed showed an aggressive young lady that lacked direction and discipline. Lisa Marie meddled in drugs during her teenage years while listening to Devo and The Sex Pistols. At age 18, she left drugs behind and began following Scientology. During this time, Lisa Marie began writing songs, but the process proved nerve-racking. Lisa Marie was aware of the pressures of being Elvis Presley's daughter, so she didn't exactly pursue songwriting that seriously. She had something else in mind; she married her longtime boyfriend, Danny Keough, in 1988. The six-year marriage produced two children, Danielle and Ben. Motherhood grounded her, but not entirely--Lisa Marie was a rebel at heart and the tabloids loved it.

In 1994, rumors circulated that she and Michael Jackson had tied the knot in the Dominican Republic. The union was initially denied in May, but the world couldn't believe their eyes when Lisa Marie and the King of Pop appeared on the annual MTV Music Awards four months later. The two locked lips to the crowd's surprise and those watching at home were equally a gasp. Was it a gimmick or real love?

Between television appearances and media scrutiny, Lisa Marie had had enough of Michael Jackson and divorced him 1997. She was mentally and physically exhausted. Music soothed her once more and a chance meeting with producer Glen Ballard motivated Lisa Marie to give the music thing another try. Ballard was impressed with her dark, luckless melodies and inked her a deal with Capitol. Her debut album was slated for a 2000 release, but Ballard didn't stick around to the final product. The next year, Lisa Marie starting dating actor Nicolas Cage; the couple married in summer 2002 despite it being a tumultuous relationship from the start. Sadly, Cage and Lisa Marie's wedded bliss fell short three months later when the pair split for good. Lisa Marie might have been down, but she wasn't out.

Lisa Marie Presley bravely made her musical debut in spring 2003 with the release of To Whom It May Concern. Deeply personal, edgy and furious, To Whom It May Concern showed a side of Lisa Marie that was both smart and brash. She wasn't interested in living up to her Father's legacy in the eyes of others because she was comfortable with her own. To Whom It May Concern sold 140,000 copies during its first week of release in April. It was also one of the year's highest debuts with its #5 position on Billboard. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide

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