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    Local H Biography

    Born David Scott Lucas, Scott is the nucleus of Local H. Not only is he the vocalist, but he is also the guitarist and bassist for the band. Raised in Zion, Illinois, Scott started Local H in 1987 with high-school friends Joe Daniels on drums and Matt Garcia on bass. When Matt left the band in the early 1990s, it was Scott who developed a unique way to play bass and electric guitar at the same time through a special guitar pick-up, eliminating a need for a bassist. After Joe left the band in 1999, Scott remained on as the sole original member of Local H.

    Brian St. Clair is relatively new to Local H. Joining the band in the summer of 1999, Brian replaced the original drummer Joe Daniels. Although new to Local H, Brian is no stranger to the music business. Brian's first drumming gig was for his brother's punk band Political Justice in 1980. Later, Brian drummed for the rock band Rights Of The Accused until the early 1990s, only to leave with friend and guitarist Wes Kidd to form the band Triplefastaction. Brian left Triplefastaction around 1998 and worked in the background for bands such as Cheap Trick until he was called by Scott Lucas, asking if he would like to pick up the drumsticks once again. After one audition, Brian was named as the new drummer for Local H.

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